MOVEAPY holders will get a return with a sustainable Fixed APY of 404202% compounding EVERY 3 Seconds, or 28800 times a day.
Beside, MOVE2EARN APY provides users various ways to earn extra income. Play-To-Earn & Move-To-Earn & Dex-wallet are the most prominent.


Staking is now easier, more efficient & profitable with MOVE2EARN APY Auto-Staking Protocol. It's bringing the highest stable returns in crypto.

To get the reward, you just need to buy and hold $MOVEAPY tokens in your wallet. The rewards will be added in your wallet. You do not need to store in 3rd party or transfer anywhere. It's simple and extremely safe for your asset.
  • Automatic LP: MOVE2EARN APY Auto-Liquidity Provide Feature will inject automated liquidity into the market every 48 hours. There is a tax fee that automatically gets stored into an Auto-LP wallet and built into our protocol's smart contract.
  • Sustainable Fixed APY: Highest fixed APY will be 404202%. MOVE2EARN APY's reward is fixed for users and your assets will increase by 0.094844% every 3 Seconds, or 28800 times a day.
  • Low Risk with the Trust Fund (TF): RCF wallet will helps sustain and back the staking rewards provided by the positive rebase of which 4% buy and 4% sell are redirected to the TF.
  • Burning mechanism: In order to sustain the high rewards, the MOVE2EARN APY Protocol burns 2% of all Buy & Sell transactions. This will also help to keep the MOVEAPY token supply under control.


MOVE2EARN APY Play To Earn game - Coming Soon


Move to Earn feature will be integrated to MOVE2EARN APY . Users just need to access the application and complete the tasks. There will be daily, weekly and monthly quest system. The more quests you complete, the more rewards you will get.
With move to earn feature, MOVE2EARN APY users not only earn more income but also improve their health. Let's use MOVE2EARN APY NFT and complete the move to get reward.