Introducing Move2EarnAPY(404,202% APY)!

Move2Earn APY is yet another game-changer in the field of decentralized finance with its new-to-the-market Auto compounding protocol to deliver the highest sustainable APY possible. Crypto assets aren’t meant for keeping them idle in the wallets. Instead, they have a vast potential to earn you good returns while you sleep on choosing the proper DeFi protocol. You can experience the power of compounding through Move2Earn APY compounding Dapp, which delivers the industry’s highest fixed APY. In addition to the compounding DeFi protocol, Move2Earn APY offers much more, including but not limited to Rebasing tokens, Move to Earn games, Play to Earn, and DEX wallet. The idea is to disrupt the traditional financial ecosystems with a stream of innovative products and technologies.
With the crypto money world becoming popular day by day, many different forms of a token, NFT, or other metaverse projects are emerging. While some of them experience a rapid rise, some of them lose value rapidly from the first time they are released. Move2Earn APY is a great project that has emerged as the best Move2Earn and Auto-Staking protocol in this context. Move2Earn APY offers many different privileges to its users every day. However, it makes it possible for users to earn in different ways as Move2Earn and Auto-Staking Protocol in various ways.
How does Auto-compounding work?
Auto-Compounding Dapp:
According to Albert Einstein, “Compound interest is the world’s eighth wonder.” This might seem like an exaggeration, but there is the math behind it to prove the potential of compounding effect. Earning returns is more straightforward with Move2Earn APY, involving the BUY-HOLD-EARN mechanism. You buy the Move2Earn APY tokens and hold them for a period to earn rewards directly into your wallet. As a result, the number of tokens in your wallet will drastically increase over time.
The compounding rewards every minute, and Move2Earn APY’s total APY offered is 404,202%. With this simple buy, hold, and earn mechanism of Move2Earn APY, your portfolio grows exponentially in your wallets with fixed interest rates per year without you having to do anything.
The MOVEAPY token is based on a positive rebasing mechanism to encounter price volatility. The fluctuations in the price of the MOVEAPY token will be beaten by its elastic supply through events called rebases. When a Move2Earn occurs, the supply of the token is increased algorithmically, based on the current supply of the token.
Liquidity management Liquidity can be thought of as a large pool of money that is split into half between MOVEAPY and $BNB tokens. There is a conversion ratio that is set to the amount of MOVEAPY that can be obtained through BNB.
MOVEAPY Token Mechanism & Rewards Distribution: To support its price and Move2Earn rewards, the employs a complex set of factors. It includes the MOVEAPY Trust Fund(TF), which acts as an insurance fund to ensure the MOVEAPY Protocol’s price stability and long-term viability by maintaining a consistent rate of Move2EarnAPY paid to all MOVEAPY token holders every 3 sec.
MOVEAPY DEX Wallet is an easy to use, multi cryptocurrency wallet which can store crypto currencies and connect with it to trade over decentralised exchanges like pancake swap and 1inch exchange (DEX Wallet support). The crypto wallet now supports on-wallet staking, allowing users to earn rewards on supported proof of stake (POS) & delegated proof of stake (DPOS) tokens.
Move2EarnAPY Tokenomics :
Intial Supply — 1,00,000 MOVEAPY
Airdrop — 5% (5,000)
Ecosystem — 15% (15,000)
Private Sale — 10% (10,000)
Pink Sale — 40% (40,000)
Liquidity — 21% (21,000)
Marketing And Development — 9% (9,000)
Auto Staking — Easy and Safe The MOVEAPY tokens always stay in your wallet; it doesn’t need to be put into the high risk staking contract. All you need to do is buy & hold it and automatically multiply rewards in your own wallet so there’s no need to learn about the stake/unstake mechanism and also avoid paying an additional tax fee on staking operations.
Reduction of risk associated with downside Ensuring long term growth continuity by maintaining constant growth levels Ensuring price stability through Move2Earn strategy
Trust Fund (TF): Trust Fund (TF) stands for for the Trust Fund which is a separate wallet in MOVE2EARN APY system. The TF uses an algorithm that backs the Rebase Rewards and is supported by a portion of the buy and sell trading fees that accrue in the TF wallet.
In a simple way, the staking rewards (rebase rewards) which are distributed every 3 seconds at a rate of 0.094844% are backed by the TF parameter, thus ensuring a high and stable interest rate to MOVEAPY token holders.
The purpose of 4% Buying and 6% Selling of trading fees are stored in the Trust Fund is to sustain and back the staking rewards provided by the positive rebase.
MOVEAPY Treasury: The Treasury is an important part of Trust Fund (TF) protocol as additional financial support for the TF. Its critical functions are designed to ensure the growth and sustainability of MOVEAPY
This additional support can become important in the event of an extreme price drop of the MOVEAPY token or unforeseen black-swan event. It helps to establish a floor value for the MOVEAPY tokens.
The treasury may also be used to fund new MOVE2EARN APY products, services, and projects that will expand and provide more value to the MOVE2EARN APY community as well as providing funding for marketing.
3% Buy fee & 5% Sell fee go directly to Treasury, providing Play-To-Earn and Move-To-Earn rewards.
The Black Hole : Black Hole function is to burn 2% Buy & 2% Sell of all MOVEAPY traded. The more MOVE2EARN APY is traded, the more it gets burnt which will grow Black Hole in size, larger and larger through self fulfilling Auto-Compounding, reducing the circulating supply and keeping the MOVE2EARN APY protocol stable. 2% of all $MOVEAPY traded will be burn automatically by transferring to Black Hole burning address.
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